How To Make Your Android or iPhone’s Battery Last Longer

Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Yes, I know there are many people who always have to charge their phone overnight. We’re in 2017, but still, we don’t get a full 24-hour battery at a single charge. In today’s world, battery life is said to be considered the most important tool for our enthusiastic buyers. There are great ways to make proper use of our phones so they don’t get drained at the end of the day. The phone’s battery does remain efficient at a few months after purchase. As time goes, so does our phone’s battery efficiency. Efficient battery technologies haven’t arrived yet however you can expect them in upcoming few years.

So, here are 9 ways by which you can boost your smartphone’s battery life:

Tip 1: Decrease your screen timeout to a minimum:

In your Android smartphone or iPhone, you should find an option labeled screen timeout  (it may differ from devices. If you have kept your screen timeout to 2 minutes or 1 minute, try reducing it to 30 seconds or less. For increasing your battery’s efficiency every second can be very useful, so you must set it to the minimum possible. Android users can set their minimum timeout to 15 seconds


Tip 2: Turn it off:

It’s simple. Just by turning off your phone you can extend your battery life. Just because you are not using. Try using your phone as less as possible. Be social, engage with others, your friends, family members.

Turn your phone off

Turn off when you are hanging out with your friends & family


Tip 3: Handle with care:

Well, we all have seen this tip in our phones instruction manual, yet people don’t affirm these rules. After coming to home from work don’t just toss your phone on the bed or couch. You must handle your phone with care  Do notify others about handling each other’s phone with care.

Handle Your Phone With Care

Tip 4: Keep your phone in proper temperature:

Try to keep your phone at room temperature. It is also necessary to keep your phone warm since keeping in cold can decrease power out of your battery. You can harm the touch screen if the phone is left in direct sunlight and heat.

Keep your phone at room temperature

Keep Your Phone At Room Temperature


Tip 5: Turn off WiFi when not in use:

This WiFi is a great battery drainer, among Android as well as iPhone users. Try to turn off your WiFi when your go to rest. Turn it back on when you plan to use it. Do not always keep your WiFi on when your phone is kept idle.

Turn off WiFi when not in use

Turn off WiFi when not in use

Tip 6: Turn off Bluetooth:

The same goes for your phone’s Bluetooth. When your phone is kept idle with Bluetooth on, your phone’s battery is getting depleted. When your phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices, turn it off. By doing so, you will add additional 1 hour of battery life.


Tip 7: Remove task killer apps:

We all get a recommendation from some or the other friend to install a task killer. Don’t install those apps. There are many tech enthusiasts available on YouTube which can explain you the dangers of using those apps. You are actually degrading your phone’s battery life.  Smartphones have the most efficient battery saving systems which are already available and are not required to be downloaded.


Tip 8: Enable power saving mode:

Both iPhone & Android users have power saving mode functionality. This will prevent your phone from updating anything in the background. Some smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung has even better known as ultra power saving mode which can add up to extra 10-15 hours even if your phone’s battery is at 20-15%


Tip 9: Remove all unnecessary apps which you are not using:

This can be a great way to improve efficiency and will also help in having butter smooth performance. If your newly phone has become sluggish/slow, you can consider removing some unnecessary apps, videos, images and some unwanted audio files from WhatsApp which is downloaded but forget to delete.

These were the tips which can be useful for saving your smartphone’s battery. If you have some other tips do comment below.



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