Killer Tips to Improve and Develop Your Presentation Skills

Overcome Fear of Presentation

Overcome Fear of Presentation

Speech anxiety is the fear of speaking in front of public.

This is termed as “Glossophobia
Are you scared to speak in front of the public? You are not alone. There are so many people who fear this.
Even the greatest investor and one of the richest man – Warren Buffett had this fear. He learned how to deal with these kinds of issues by gaining knowledge by practicing those.
Many people have this fear and say that they fear public speaking more than death.
During a presentation, you may feel shortness of breath, heart pounding, sweating of hands, stomach pain, shivering sensation etc.These are just common signs of speech anxiety.

Here are top 6 ways you can get rid of this nervousness:

1)Practice Practice & Practice

This can be by far the best method to overcome your fears. At the beginning write main key points of your speech which you are going to present. You have to practice over and over again so that you will have a very smooth flow during your presentation. During your practice, you will also come across many words which are difficult to pronounce properly. You can Google that word’s pronunciation so that you don’t get stuck while practicing. You can even search for synonyms.
Remember don’t add tough words which your audience may not understand. Make sure you keep it simple so that your audience understands your point.


2)Get used to it

I have known many people who love to get rid of their presentation by running away. But it would make no better difference. Rather going to the stage and speaking in front of your audience can gain you more and more experience as you present. Take every presentation as an opportunity to speak in public so as to decrease your nervousness and increasing your confidence while presenting.


Public Speaking

Speaking in front of the public


3)Get rid of your fear of judgment

This is also very important. You really must eliminate this fear. While presenting you may always have in mind that “what if my audience laughs at me?” or “what if my audience hates my speech?”. Your audience will not tease you if you are well prepared. Always remove those unwanted misconceptions from your mind so that you don’t pause for a long period of time. You can tell your friend to sit at the last corner seat and ask whether your voice is reachable or not and adjust your voice accordingly.


Fear of public speaking


4)Practice using mirror

If you want to watch your body movements while practicing, you can use a mirror. To gain better speaking skills you can pay attention to your body movements, facial expressions, gestures.
This can be very effective because you are clearly able to see your mistakes and improve on it.

5) Practicing in front of another person

This can be your friend. Ask your best friend to be completely honest with you while giving your feedback. Speaking in front of person will help you gain experience.

You can even ask your parents, guardian for practicing and feedback.


6) Avoid fast talking

It’s not good to talk fast. It can increase your fear. Your audience may not get exactly the point you were talking about. Practice slowing down when you are speaking.
By doing this, you will be calm while presenting.


Bonus Tip: Meditation

Meditation can be useful for removing negative thoughts from your mind. Even meditating only 10 minutes a day can change your life. It also helps in reducing stress.

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