Apply These 6 Secrets To Boost Your Productivity


We all know, some work which requires less time but gets delayed assuming that you will do it later on, but it escapes from your memory and later regret (a bit).

I also used to procrastinate some less urgent tasks which could be easily done in a matter of few minutes. You can get the most of your day by being more productive. Here are some of my favorite tips that can be used to boost your productivity:

1) Create A Minimalistic Workspace

Having a minimalistic lifestyle allows you to be more focused in your work or studies. Remove all clusters present around your area so that you are able to do your tasks in an efficient way. Just try removing some unwanted stuff from your area and you’ll see the difference.

You will have clear thoughts so your mind doesn’t waver around.


Minimalistic Helps To Improve Productivity


2) Prioritize

This is also one of the habits which many successful people have in common. You can create a small to-do-list by which you can prioritize important tasks in the morning (or beginning) which helps you carry out your goals.

If to-do-list is created, you can see your tasks and plan your day so.

Strike tasks which are over. For me, it feels like a sense of accomplishment.

Make a To-Do-List

Prioritize important things

3) Eliminate Distractions

These can even be your notifications coming from your phone. If you want to complete a project, try to avoid all kinds of distractions near you.

Even if you receive a single notification, you will jump right onto your phone and later waste most of your precious time on it. On Twitter… Wait let me check my Facebook feeds. After a while, let’s check my Email. See, it so easy to waste your time on these apps.

“Your time once wasted, cannot be brought back”.

So if you are doing some assignment, try removing these kinds of distractions.

Eliminate distractions

Reduce distractions


4) Stop Multitasking

Some try multitasking thinking that it will make them a bit faster. I may agree to it. But it’s not always favorable in all situations. You must try to avoid multitasking. When you do a single task your whole focus is present only in that task.

Whereas if the focus gets drifted to multiple tasks, our brain cannot function properly because of which we become inefficient.

Stop multitasking

Reduce multitasking

5) Take advantage of your free time

This has been my favorite point! Think for a while, if you are having a free time for example when traveling you can send emails, read books, or do any other productive activity.

Whenever you are having a free time, think for yourself “Am I wasting my time here?”

If you are? Then try making it productive.


6) Take Breaks

Now you’ll say if I take breaks, how will it help me? By taking small breaks, you are can increase your productivity. If you sit at one place for a long period time, it will affect your health. So by taking breaks, you are actually moving which helps in blood circulation. Go out for a small walk and you’ll feel refreshed.


These were the tips which I found useful.

If you are having more useful, please drop it in the comments section below.

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