5 Insane (But True) Benefits of Reading Books

Benefits of Reading

Reading books helps you gain a great amount of knowledge.

Every one of us needs to focus attention on places where we are weakest at. Eg relationship issues, getting into depression, job problems, finance, health, psychology, anger management, personality development, communication skills and the list goes on.

Just by reading one or two chapters every day you can see the difference in your thinking.

There are many great books which have low investment but higher amount of returns ratio in terms of increasing knowledge.
These books provide you new thoughts – which will gain you with a new perspective and a new way of looking at things.

Here are the 5 benefits of reading books:


1)Acts as a stress reliever

I personally like to read books before going to sleep because it acts as a stress reliever or you can call it as a sleeping pill. I know you might find it funny but reading books has helped me to get good sleep at night. After having dinner when you read a book you will definitely feel relaxed and de-stressed so you can easily go to sleep. Instead of checking your social media, turn off those electronic devices and read books which will provide you great information that I was unaware of.

Reduces stress

Reduces stress

2)You will be a changed person

Just by reading books, you can relief stress as well as dementia. Instead of wasting your precious time on electronic devices, if you read books. You can’t easily become a changed person just by reading one single book you can’t see the difference.
But I promise you will see the change if you are constantly read books for 10 months or 2 years.

3)Enhanced Writing Skills


How? When reading books of some popular authors, you will see they have a great vocabulary and by reading those newly learned words, it will be stored in your mind which can be useful when you want to use in a conversation or in some form of writing.

Benefits of reading

Improves your writing skills

4)Improvement in concentration

In the internet filled world, attention can be easily drawn those apps which waste time. So, how can you increase your concentration? It’s so simple. The answer can be easily found. Your time is being wasted by using addicting apps. So why not remove those apps. Uninstall apps which are unproductive.
Instead, when you read for 10-20 minutes, your attention will be completely focused on the book. Nothing else. Thus when you are at school, college or at work you can easily see the difference. Your concentration will be improved.

5)Overcome anxiety


Many of you have known this or experienced. When you are in a class and you are asked to read in front of the class. When you are reading, sometimes your heart might start pounding, uncontrollable breathing. You’ll get really nervous sometimes just to read what is written in a book. So the best way to get rid of this can be just by reading. Reading will help you speak in a fluent manner so your anxiety levels will easily decrease.

Benefits of reading

Overcome anxiety

Bonus Tip

Increased Amount of Knowledge


This can be pointed as the most important benefit of reading books. Why do we read books? Simply to gain knowledge. By reading books you can gain a huge amount of knowledge. You will be able to see things from the author’s point of view.

Great amount of knowledge

Gives knowledge

Fun Fact
Did you know, all highly successful people have one thing in common? They always read a lot.

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