Apply These 6 Secrets To Boost Your Productivity

  We all know, some work which requires less time but gets delayed assuming that you will do it later on, but it escapes from your memory and later regret (a bit). I also used to procrastinate some less urgent tasks which could be easily done in a matter of few minutes. You can get […]

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5 Insane (But True) Benefits of Reading Books

Reading books helps you gain a great amount of knowledge. Every one of us needs to focus attention on places where we are weakest at. Eg relationship issues, getting into depression, job problems, finance, health, psychology, anger management, personality development, communication skills and the list goes on. Just by reading one or two chapters every […]

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Killer Tips to Improve and Develop Your Presentation Skills

Overcome Fear of Presentation

Speech anxiety is the fear of speaking in front of public. This is termed as “Glossophobia” Are you scared to speak in front of the public? You are not alone. There are so many people who fear this. Even the greatest investor and one of the richest man – Warren Buffett had this fear. He […]

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How To Make Your Android or iPhone’s Battery Last Longer

Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Yes, I know there are many people who always have to charge their phone overnight. We’re in 2017, but still, we don’t get a full 24-hour battery at a single charge. In today’s world, battery life is said to be considered the most important tool for our enthusiastic buyers. There are great ways to make proper use of […]

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